Open Circle provides mindfulness-related programs with a focus on social and emotional learning in schools, universities, workplaces, and in the community, in both group and 1-1 settings.

Educational Mindfulness Programs

Early Years Program

•Social Interaction •Sensory Development •Emotional Regulation •Listening & Attention Skills •Language & Communication Enhancement

Primary Years Program

•Self Awareness •Communication Skills •Social & Emotional Resilience •Decision Making •Cultivating Gratitude, Kindness and Empathy

Secondary Programs

•Self-Identity •Positive Thinking •Healthy Relationships •Mindfulness & Technology •Stress Management •Transition & Change

University Programs

•Goal setting •Learning Strategies • Mindful Communication •Stress Management •Transition & Change •Mindfulness for Wellbeing

Organisational Mindfulness Training

•Team Building •Stress Management •Interpersonal Communication •Cultivating a Growth Mindset •Organisational Change •Wellbeing in the Workplace •Cultural & Gender Diversity

Individual and Group Coaching

Community Programs/Workshops/Classes

•Mindful Pregnancy & Birth •Mindfulness for Women •Mindful Kids •Mindful Communication •Everyday Mindfulness • Stress Management •Mindfulness for Pain Management & Wellbeing